5 thoughts on “Andrei Arshavin 1 – 0 GOAL against Kuban (Russian Primerligue)

  • bombthreat7730

    im a big fan of arhavin..n will be..wether his in Arsenal or zenit…proud
    of his loyal n good luck for little arsha at zenit -from Arsenal fan

  • dimondskate

    Gooo Arshavin (Arsenal Fan)

  • TheReturn OfAmebo

    I don’t know exactly reason why Arsenal have not been using this guy., and
    eventually sold him. Arsenal on high CANABIS

  • DarkShadow15011990

    as an Arsenal fan I must say that this is the position he is used to play
    as shadow striker behind center forward and not winger or whatever he used
    to play with us, yeah its shame because I like him very much I hope he will
    be the good one Arsha again as when he came to Emirates

  • Valera Patotskij

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