25 thoughts on “Andrei Arshavin – Russian Sensation

  • dubenkomane

    Anyone has ever seen the anime Captain Tsubasa in his youth? I always
    thought it was impossible to play like Tsubasa, but now that I have seen
    Andrei Arshavin I have changed my mind!!!

  • dubenkomane

    I chose Captain Tsubasa because it *is* unrealistic: sometimes Arshavin
    reminds me of him because nobody seems capable of taking the ball from his
    feet. If you compare Arshavin with most of the Italian team players in this
    EURO 2008… well, Andrei may well be Tsubasa!

  • Danay Sikinioti

    song name>>> ”Closer” by Ne-Yo ๐Ÿ˜€

  • tsotsi999

    This boy reminds me a bit of Pavel Nedved! 27 isn’t that old really. Nedved
    is like 35 (i think) now and is still doing it at Juve. This boy would be a
    perfect replacement for him although he wants to go to Spain apparently.
    Some team like Seville (if they can afford his wages), he can do pretty
    well. Whatever he decides good luck to him!

  • somegoodday

    The resons why his name is not known world wide are he is in Russia league
    that not popular and Russia National team did not in last world major
    tournament (I read from some Russian comment say the former coach not
    select him for National team.)

  • Nuanceqwest

    I like Arsenal, but whats up with the music?

  • Oliver Price Bates

    whitters2k so why are you on Youtube watching Comps?

  • somegoodday

    1:24 He was very calm Very Impressive! After saw he play in Euro 2008, I
    come here search for his VDO. After watch some of his VDO ONE WORDS FOR HIM
    GENIUS !!! He have greate contribute to Russian team. And that Guss is
    Genius too.

  • somegoodday

    No problems how old are him. What he have done in Euro 2008 aready send his
    name on top class of the world.

  • longygirl

    fantastic player. Hello from south of France.

  • salmanyghebat

    i read manga Captain Tsubasa, its kinda unrealistic, i suggest u shud read
    Goal Den Age and Whistle which these mangas are better drawing, inspiring
    and can be considered to look real enough to our life. But i agree yur
    thought about arshavin

  • Miguel Reis

    great player arshavin

  • Paul Cain

    Spurs bound he’s a yiddo

  • GlobetrotterSA

    He’s really impressed me in euro 2008 and yes, he beat Netherlands all on
    his own. Lot of clubs interested in him but he wants to play in the spanish
    league. I think he’ll replace Deco at Barcelona.

  • pietastesgood


  • aaron10spurs

    coming to tottenham hotspur to partner pavlyuchenko and join the ramos
    revolution, COYS

  • Bareyo

    Andrei Arshavin gran futbolista.

  • frank92a

    he is a very great player

  • Danay Sikinioti

    great player<3 i might not know a lot about football but hell, he's the

  • MiSsVeNdEttA92

    andrei arshavin รจ il giocatore + gnokko del mondo!! w russia ihih!!

  • Ilya Vorobiev

    lovely !

  • garyspurs16

    I wud recommend watching!!! Andrei Arshavin!! Russian Master!!

  • Jefri999

    great comp but wats the song name?

  • vicent13

    ANdrei Arshavin, next FC Barcelona player ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jefri999

    come to milan!

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