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Former Arsenal play maker Andrei Arshavin waded into the controversial discussions following the huge number of athletes that were disqualified from partaking in the Olympics.

Various Sports regulating body have been fighting to keep sports as fair competition without some athletes having an advantage using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). There have a lot of set-backs and successes but the topic remains one of the most talked about issues in Sports today.

Russia is fighting a ban placed against its Paralympic Committee that would mean the Russian competitors miss the Paralympic Games set for Rio. The Russian team have been a real object of intensive scrutiny at the Olympics in Rio after many tested positive to substance abuse. The IWF is set to ban Russia in weightlifting, the IOC almost gave the country a blanket ban and medals won far back in 2008 might be stripped.

Arshavin joined the discussions, sparking reactions after he suggested that almost any athlete at the Olympics uses prohibited performance enhancers. His comments provoked even citizens who were trying to get to terms with the news that the whole athletics team could be sidelined from the Rio games.
“It’s simply impossible without doping. That means swimming, skiing, cycling. I think everyone dopes,” Arshavin told interviewers in Kazakh where he plays for Kairat Almaty. Arshavin added that the ban meted out to some athletes is a political decision.

“Russia is paying for its political decisions, including in sport. Is it fair or unfair? Life isn’t fair.” So far, the officials of Russia have denied any state involvement in doping cover-ups after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) reported that Russian secret service and the sports ministry manipulated samples at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The doping scandal is one of the highlights of the Olympics that is ongoing in Rio.