Andrey Arshavin Learns from the Deal with Arsenal

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It was almost a decade earlier when the Gunners needed something of a great decision to ensure that they sign up the dynamo from Russia.One of the teammates also said regarding the matter that he knows that this was a person who was probably in one of the most convoluted and high-profile sages in the football in England and this was an opportunity for the player to do things which he could never do back in his home, for instance.

The player, on the other hand, said that in 2009 of February, his task was only to look after the signing done by the club and he had to ensure that he settles in the new surroundings offered to him. The training ground of the player was at the Sopwell hotel which was close to the London Colney. The teammate also mentioned that the player was very excited about joining the team; he would find out the pronunciations and then chuckle with the answers. He used to love playing with the kids and the favorite team while growing up though was Tottenham.

It was also mentioned that the first initial days was in the St Albans where they had only the things they needed to ensure survival. He also had one of the best attitudes from the team; he used to never refuse autographs from fans even though there was not much recognition. The secretary also mentioned that although the working of a football club has its own share of advantages and disadvantages, the way the inner science works, including the transfers and other processes in the club is extremely fascinating for everyone involved around the same. It will be interesting to see how the player will pan out now.