23 thoughts on “Arshavin 4 Goals Vs Liverpool

  • Ron Jeremy

    he was one of the most talented russian footballers, thats beyond question. but at the end he was a lazy guy indeed. i personally think he couldnt handle the london nightlife…

  • Emile Heskey

    @inurfacez10 How did Wenger “fuck him up”? He was too lazy to play in the BPL, abit Matt Le Tiss like, fantastic footballer but he was too lazy to play for Arsenal. I still like Arshavin but Wenger didn’t ruin him, he ruined his on chances to get a game for Arsenal, besides he’s still good just maybe not the player to adapt to the BPL.

  • Yankeyay

    such a wasted talent 🙁

  • Alphad115

    Arshavin is back in action at zenit, i guess he just didn’t fit at arsenal =(

  • gagan singh

    i watch this and i gta wonder, wtf happened to u arshavin?

  • Pana Punk

    will always have a soft spot for this guy …amazing talent ..amazing celebrations.. who can forget the winner against barca at emirates….lacked a bit of ambition may be, blew up a lot of opportunity thrown his way in the later period !! Amazing Memories Though ..& no one can take that away from Him !!!

  • Jaxon Fields

    what a legend

  • UnitedFan821

    andy grey is soo biased for liverpool

  • vik301997

    at the end of the day dont get a russian angry

  • Geraint Williams

    Such a shame to see him towards the end of his career after this start. Ill always have a soft spot for him after this game

  • DosEquisGuy3

    isnt he a liverpool fan?

  • slitzn2

    He grew Far too lazy and complacent to deserve or warrant a spot in the starting XI

    what football are you watching u moron

  • Ciaran O'Connell

    What’s Gray on about for the first Arsenal goal? The second man across the line played him onside.

  • MattisR4

    bye andrey! good luck 😀

  • shaunyb2011

    true wenger needs to stop tinkering with his position though i do hope he comes good next season..i can’t see us getting cesar now tbh i reckon we will stick with scznseny,a centre half possibly although again it depends on whether wenger thinks we can hold out until vermaelen comes back..suarez is a must!

  • Adam Latif

    we could play chamberlain there but wenger doesnt gove him a chance. think we need a striker suarez and a defender (sakho) and gk julio cesar

  • shaunyb2011

    in dire need of a natural winger poldi struggles in that position..

  • Josh Marshall

    arsnal should have played him more shame:(

  • kallon cesur

    attemps 4 on target 4 goals 4

  • inurfacez10

    I honestly hate Wenger for fucking up Arshavin.


    Hopefully fellaini will come too this would be so great but wenger has to do something !!

  • Adam Latif

    yeah bpl is unpredictable you never know whats going to happen that why i never bet on bpl and yeah he better wouldnt mind getting rooney aswell

  • Adam Latif

    yeah i know hes a striker but if your playing on the wing you need to defend for the team

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