Arshavin says that some sports are just impossible without doping

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Arshavin has gone from being at one point in time the most expensive player in Arsenal history and not being able to prove his worth at the Premier League club to disappoint for the majority of his playing career as the Russian attacker could not live up to his £15 million price tag which at 2009 was a pretty high fee and its even a more significantly high fee for a club that is known for being conservative when it comes to signings players just how Arsenal has traditionally been.

After spending 5 underwhelming seasons with Arsenal, Arshavin later went on to perform with Zenit, Kubarn Krasnodar and his current club is FC Kairat.

The 35 year old Russian player is an active player of the Kazakhstan Premier League club FC Kairat which he joined back on March 18 of 2016 and has turned into an influential player. Arshavin has recently been attracting the attention of the media but not because of his contributions with FC Kairat and more due to the words that he has recently released involving doping and athletes as AndreyArshavin has recently stated that doping are necessary for specific sports.

According to AndreyArshavin, in order for athletes to be successful in Olympic sports that are extremely repetitive such as: swimming and cycling, doping is something that is actually needed.

“It’s simply impossible without doping. That means swimming, skiing, cycling. I think everyone dopes.”

These comments of Arshavin have arrived in a fairly controversial moment for Russia as the nation is currently being involved in a number of doping scandals that saw almost the entire athletics team of Russia getting sidelined from the Rio Games and a number of them were even suspended due to allegation of doping and things of this nature.