Arshavin wants changes at Arsenal

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Andrei Arshavin said that Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal for the team to progress.

He stated that there need to be significant changes in the summer if the team is going to challenge again in the Premier League. He believes that there are so many average players in the team and that a massive clearance will be needed if the team is going to lift trophies soon.

For the Russian player, there needs to be a new philosophy in the team. At the moment the club is satisfied with status quo and is not looking to improve. He believes that fans should put pressure on the team in order to deliver results. Otherwise, there will be no change on the pitch.

He believes that current management is happy to finish fourth in the league and to participate in the Champions League without having any ambition of lifting the trophy. He said that the players that they have brought in during the last transfer window have failed to deliver the goods and that there are no signs that the team has improved.

For the former Arsenal player, Arsene Wenger is the main culprit behind the decline in the team performance, and it is better for him to leave at the end of the season. He acknowledges that the French manager has made some massive contribution to the club, but he believes that his time is up now.

Andrei Arshavin believes that it will be better for the manager to leave at the end of his contract rather than facing the sack in the future if the team performance continues to dwindle.

He believes that there are plenty of other managers that can help the team progress and turn them again in the dominant force that they once were in the Premier League.