Christian slams boss Fabio Capello

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The boss of the Russia national Football team, Fabio Capello, has been slammed by one of his former assistants Christian Panucci.

According to Panucci, he did not receive the kind of backing that he was expecting from Capello on his contractual dispute with the Russian federation.

Panucci’s contract was not extended after World Cup, but, he continued working with the Russian team as an assistant manager. He was hoping that he would get the extension, but, it did not happen and eventually, the 41-year old had to resign earlier this month.

Talking about the circumstances that led to his resignation, Panucci said, “On our arrival at the conclusion of the World Cup campaign, I was told that the deal would be extended soon and I waited for that, but, it turned out to be a fake promise. I had had enough. I could not have waited any longer. I had even rejected a few job offers in the hope of that extension.”

“I don’t think Fabio behaved the way he should have behaved in that whole thing. It was his responsibility to back me and not only me, the other guys as well who have left. We were working under him. Any good manager would have done that. I am surely disappointed with him and I would let him know that whenever I have the chance to have a chat with him in future.”

Capello himself has not got his salary for the last 5 months from the Russian Federation.

There have been reports coming in that the Federation top brass thinks that the manager’s salary can’t be afforded now.

So, Capello’s future as Russia boss is uncertain too.

As far as Russia’s recent showings are concerned, they are struggling in Euro qualifiers. They have got only 2 points in 3 games.