Fabio Capello will lose his job if he does not guide the Russia National Football team

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Fabio Capello will lose his job if he does not guide the Russia National Football team to the Round of 4 in next World Cup that is going to take place in the country itself.

The top brass of the association of Football there in Russia has conveyed to Capello that with the idea of the home conditions and the backing of the crowd, the team should make it to the semis; otherwise, it would be considered a failure.

Capello had been held responsible for the early knockout that Russia suffered in Brazil last year and a large faction in the association was not in favour of him being retained at his post, but, because of the stubbornness of the president, the Italian was awarded a new deal and to be fair to him, he has been able to do a good job post the World Cup.

Russia has lost just one out of the five Euro qualifying games that they have played so far and a couple of good performances would see the team through to the main tournament.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that FIFA might investigate the process through which Russia was awarded the hosting rights of next World Cup and if there is any sign of corruption, the tournament would be taken away.

If it indeed happens, it would be a huge blow to the Russian Association.

They are already in financial crisis because of which they have not been paying the wages of even the support staff of the national team and if they lose the hosting rights, it would probably be the lowest point for them.

It’s speculated that Russia might have bribed the top FIFA officials to earn the hosting.

A few FIFA officials have recently been slapped corruption charges.


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