Russia’s Stanislav Cherchesov has a mountain to overcome

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The Russian national football team went through a disastrous UEFA Euro’s 2016 as they finished at the bottom of group B after losing to Slovakia and Wales and having to settle with a draw against England.

After this underwhelming campaign, the coach at that time of Russia Leonid Slutsky was sacked and replaced by Stanislav Cherchesov.

It’s now the task of Stanislav Cherchesov to try and spark life back into the Russian national side. VitalyMutko is the deputy prime minister of the Russian Football Union and Vitaly has stated that he wants to rebuild the national side.

One of the factors that is currently serving as an obstacle in trying to build a talented squad into the Russian side is the fact that the Russian Premier League has rules which hampers the development and competition for their own players.

The Russian Premier League has rules which limit the amount of foreign players on the pitch at one time to 6 players and according to the football pundit Igor Rabiner, this rule limits the growth of Russian as they do not have to face real competition for a spot in their club’s line-up.

“Because of the foreign-player limit, Russian players don’t face competition for a spot in their club’s line-up and the national squad has not been accustomed to pushing its limits’’ The football pundit of the Sports Express newspaper, Igor Rabiner said.

Russia will be hosting the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup and they want to be ready and prepared for this upcoming worldwide competition in order to avoid getting embarrassed like Brazil did after they lost 7-1 in the semi-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup after facing off with Germany.