26 thoughts on “Andrey Arshavin – Turn this around 2010/11 (TTMCC – March Winner)

  • brimanro

    Come on Wenger, let Arshavin play!! He’s good at assist, ball control, technique and he’s quick! Thumbs up if u agree! I repeat “Wenger let Arshavin play!”

  • Tsunamia9

    one barca fan watched this video after arshavin scored the winner 2-1…

  • GotaGunner

    Arshavin is the best. Hope he has freedom and joy to do his best this season. Wish you the best Arsenal’s number 23

  • CescVanHenry

    He got so much criticism last season but supposedly playing “shit” and losing his first-team spot in the second half of the season he still managed to get 10 goals and 17 assists in 52 appearances (Many appearances coming from the bench!) ……… Not a bad return at all from the little guy!

  • thepayv

    belief is everything… i BELIEVE in you arshavin!!!

  • ninggningedy

    favourite player… he gets critics sayin hes too lazy.. they jus cant appreciate his unique style hes easily 1 of our best players

  • Fiveagainstjimmy

    @cwdcomps haha well he got the skills. I always liked arshavin.

  • cwdcomps

    @Fiveagainstjimmy haha that’s the best analogy I’ve ever heard

  • Fiveagainstjimmy

    He could be better then messi, but hes arshavin.

  • GoGoOnErz

    What I like about Andrey is he never gives up…He knows he’s small but he doesn’t let that stop him. Good job Arshavin, Keep it up. 🙂

  • iKillzSkillz

    @2525NICOL you obviously don’t watch arsenal games

  • ArsenalDave04

    all he needs to do is GO ON A FUCKING DIET

  • Kalcska

    as I see he felt that something is missing.. but I feel he will be the “old” Arshavin

  • shumpe24

    thats what i hate abt english fans how quick they turn on players who are not scoring but still play ok

  • tsquared10jc

    amazing video !! I Still believing in wenger and arshavin !!

  • duik17


  • blackanot

    Imagine if he didn’t blow it half of the one on ones he got… sigh…

  • DubstepSector

    @gmanakadezil Exactly. Nasri 1 assist in the english league last season.

  • gmanakadezil

    Funny thing is, look back at all the wonderful and crucial goals we scored, now instead of just watching the goals scorer, look at who started or created the chances, somewhere there you will find Arshavin.
    (Last season – 10 goals 17 assists)
    ”We are lucky to have you Arshavin, Thank you for everything”

  • gmanakadezil

    @2525NICOL Yup he was so shit he got ”10 goals and 17 assists” while coming of the bench most of the time

  • Dynamite877

    @cleverboy12345 Whatever it takes by Life house

  • Regororbeen

    He wasn’t able to take a decent corner in the home loss to Aston Villa at the end of the season, it was embarrissing. Ramsey had to step in after 6 or so attempts. That said his form did improve from a very low standard earlier on in the season and he would be amazing if he was at his best more often then looking like a non league player….

  • 2525NICOL

    u were shit this season mate :/

  • cleverboy12345

    song name?

  • cleverboy12345

    Great vid!!! Arshavin is the best!!! Arsenal for ever!!!!

  • Man Utd News

    I’ve tweeted this link to my tweeps 🙂

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