8 thoughts on “Press Pass Extra: Arsenal shop Arshavin

  • Ps3fanboywellhada360

    @Technokkenzu “a new coach who wants to win” well you can think that but he has made sure the club is not in debt whille their managers with a new stadium could have been in debt for 10 years it is not an exaggeration it is a fact and no he has never said lack of maturity other than this season give me a link to where he has said this and saying he wants to finish in the top 3 no ehy do you think he is shouting on the pitch he wants Arsenal to win you are deluded

  • Technokkenzu

    @Ps3fanboywellhada360 You cannot possibly say Chamakh and Koscielny are quality signings, they are second class players period. Bring up good young players like Wilshere or Ramsey is great, but Wenger has been using the “lack of maturyity” of the team as an excuse for like 4 years now… It sounds like just excuses to me. He keeps saying he just wants to finish in the top 3 and “maintain the consistency”… well to me that’s just not good enough for ARSENAL FC! We need a coach who wants to win.

  • Ps3fanboywellhada360

    @Technokkenzu Horrible excuse me Chamakh first half of the season he has had personal problems Koscielny look at him against Barcelona first leg squillaci was the only bad signing without Wenger no Vermaelen no Ramsy no Sagna no Wilshere he said he is getting experiance grow up.

  • Ps3fanboywellhada360

    @Csomos44 its not that it is his work rate he walks around and his pass happens to be a assist

  • Technokkenzu

    WENGER NEEDS TO LEAVE! It’s his fault Arsenal can’t win anything, his signings are HORRIBLE. LEAVE WENGER LEAVE!!!!! or we’re gonna loose good players like Cech and Nasri.

  • Csomos44

    Arsenal has had a shit season overall. Selling Arshavin is not the answer. Sure he didn’t score as many goals, but the number of assists would surely make up for it.

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  • Gareth Bale

    I think Gareth Bale is top

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