25 thoughts on “[HD] Goodbye Arshavin – Thanks For The Good Times

  • Ridskolan

    Arshavin was not bad actually. Wenger destroyed his career by not giving him his chances and not play his favorite position Attacking Midfielder. It’s about time Arsenal get a new management and owner. We are going nowhere but down. Deplorable.


    we need to get howard webb to referee more of our matches…..I tell you.
    mike dean is like KRYPTONITE for us or some super jinx,his like a 12 man for any team we’re playing especially man u,how many penalites has he given against us.

  • Михаил Королев

    Да нет, не единственный…

  • Mropal steini

    he’s still at arsenal you stupid fuck

  • andy mckinley

    arshavin left at last day of russian transfer dead line which was 3 weeks closed after in england, somewhere in february. and he uploaded this in december 2011 and knew he was going to zenit… how did he knbow

  • jomawatu

    The little russian star

  • 2011goskateboarding

    I still believe in Arshavin !

  • MoMoneyLessProblemz

    On behalf of Arsenal, I am sorry Andrei. Good luck at Reading, Hope they play you in the right position. I am certain you will do very well at your next club. Thank you

  • Luis Figo

    нет я тоже русский

  • Denis Arsenal

    Yeah, how did he know that he will leave (on loan), though? o_O

  • Pramey Das

    @1:26 catch that bitch!

  • TheDom1k

    нет xD

  • MrKillercrazy25

    He is a piece of Russian brilliance he had a great career brilliant player

  • nexusisthebest

    Arshavin is actually really good….

  • normanlucasjr


  • Ryan Barton

    Erm he is only on loan for like 5 months… why say goodbye?

  • Dionne Mears

    He’s finally on form on fifa, been waiting for ages!!!!!!!

  • SuperIgor95

    Thanks to author video. I am very pleased to compatriot Arshavin.

  • SuperIgor95

    Arshavin said stepping back in Zenith. xD

  • Lewis Murphy

    he may be leaving but at least he is not a money seeker… cough nasri cough .
    arshavin you may be off form but the 4 goals against liverpool … FUCKING PRICELESS!

  • shanetangofandango

    This is probably Arsene Wenger’s personal channel.

  • MrGraciasamigos

    я единственный казах посмотревший это видео?

  • OriginalFatherGoose



    “I didn’t want to play in Russian League” 😀

  • Newtownardsboy1

    Too old he’ll retire then arsenal get £00.00 for him he’ll stay at zenit

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